Suggestions for Epcot

My family loves Epcot. But, I think it is time for some changes at this park.

So what would I suggest? First, I really like the addition of the Kim Possible game. It makes investigating each country more exciting. I also like the additions in Innoventions. They are fun and interactive. But, the park is starting to seem aged to me. I think some excitement can be brought back to the park in very simple ways that would not cost a lot of money.

If I was in charge at Disney, I would immediately add several rides to the World Showcase area of Epcot. They do not need to be hugely expensive to fit in. I think at least every other country should have a ride. Examples:

– United Kingdom could feature a large ferris wheel (London is home to the largest ferris wheel in the Western Hemisphere).

– Italy (or France) could feature a Soarin’ type of simulator adventure but bicycle themed instead of flying, with their history of bicycling. Alternatively, there could be a gondola type of ride.

The movies in the World Showcase countries are beautiful and impressive, but once you have seen them, why go back again?

I would love to see some other suggestions for rides or interactive features at Epcot.

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