Disney Hollywood Studios Hat Removal

1/15/15: Mickey’s Sorcerer’s hat, long a symbol of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, is going away.  Part of the hat has already been removed, see below:

Disney Hollywood Studios Hat

Update 1/19/15: Another block of the hat has been removed:


1/20/15: More work being done.  I wonder where the hat is going, to a landfill or are they repurposing it?


1/27/15: The hat is nearly gone and now they are starting to remove part of the Mickey ears.

Mickey's Hat 12715

Fantasmic! Entire Show

Here is the entire Fantasmic! show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Fantasmic! in Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park is a spectacular, 25-minute nightime fireworks and water show performed select nights starring Mickey Mouse and a bevy of delightful Disney Characters and features classic Disney music and songs, laser lights and amazing hydrotechnic effects.

Star Tours 2 the Adventure Continues full ride in HD!

Looks like they did a great job on the revamp of this ride; at least it looks and sounds cool and in 3D it is probably even better. The audience definitely enjoyed it.

Star Wars Weekend at Disney Hollywood Studios

I get the impression that this whole extravaganza was built to sell more product, not provide a great attraction to customers. That would be a shame if true.

Questions and Answers on Toy Story Midway Mania

Note: These questions and answers only apply to the attraction located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando although some may apply to both locations.

Is Toy Story Midway Mania worth a long wait?

This is impossible to answer to make to someone I’ve never met.  However, I Continue reading

Tip of the Day: Disney Theme Park Music

Disney Music

Disney Music

I like to listen to music, when possible, at work.  I also like music when I’m paying bills, etc on the computer.  I also like Disney theme parks, and I think the music at the parks is a big part of the magic and reason why Disney is “special”.  When I came across a playlist on Youtube of all the music (including ride narratives!) at every park, I was hooked.  How cool to hear the Haunted Mansion ride – clear as a bell, or listen to Illuminations while typing away!  I got myself a cheap set of earplugs at the dollar store, and a little smile while at work listening to my favorite Disney theme park music.

Check it out at my CoolDisneyFan channel (subscribe to me while you are there).

Direct link to music playlists.