Pictorial Ride Through Disney’s Peter Pan’s Flight

One of – if not the most – classic Disney Rides is Peter Pan’s Flight. Be prepared to wait (or sign up for a FastPass), but young and old seem to adore this treasure. I’ll take you through a pictorial tour of the ride.

Here we are approaching the ride entrance:

Peter Pan's Flight Entrance

Peter Pan’s Flight Entrance

A 30 minute wait? Someone arrived early or is just plain lucky.

Here we are! Approaching the boarding of our ship through this classic ride.  Excitement and anticipation builds.

Peter Pan's Flight Ride Flying Ship

Peter Pan’s Flight Ride Flying Ship

We start out taking off with Peter Pan’s shadow encouraging the Darling’s to go with him as we sly through the nursery.

Darling's Nursery - Peter Pan's Flight

Darling’s Nursery – Peter Pan’s Flight

If I could slow the ride down here I would, as I love looking at the little lights, boats and sounds of London. 2 shots of this scene:

London - Peter Pan's Flight

London – Peter Pan’s Flight


Next we approach the scene with the children and Pan’s silhouettes flying across the face of the moon on to Neverland.

Peter Pan and kids shadows on the moon

Peter Pan and kids shadows on the moon

Then as you approach the next scene you have to be on the lookout as this happens quick but you can see this little pirate ship fire a cannon shot at each passing ship.

Cannon fire in Peter Pan's Flight

Cannon fire in Peter Pan’s Flight

Next we see some volcanoes and pretty flora.  And suddenly, the mermaid scene appears.  Heavens-to-Betsy, one of them happens to be the famous Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

Mermaid scene in Peter Pan's Flight

Mermaid scene in Peter Pan’s Flight

Drum beats surround sound you as you fly by Tiger Lily and the Indian tribe.

Peter Pan Indian Scene

Peter Pan Indian Scene

Now you can get a good look at Skull Rock as you approach Peter and the Pirates.

Skull Rock - Peter Pan's Flight

Skull Rock – Peter Pan’s Flight

Here are a couple of good scenes with Wendy walking the plank.  Smee can be seen to our left, several other pirates are on deck. As you fly by, you can look back and get this interesting scene of Wendy with Skull Rock on the background.

Wendy and the Pirates

Wendy and the Pirates

Wendy, with Skull Rock in the background

Wendy, with Skull Rock in the background

Tick-tock, as you see the Crock.

Peter Pan's Flight - the Crocodile

Peter Pan’s Flight – the Crocodile

Peter takes over the Pirate ship! And wow, I have never noticed that Tinker Bell is in this scene.  But you can see her directly above Wendy’s head against the black background.

Triumphant Peter and the Darlings

Triumphant Peter and the Darlings

Meanwhile, Captain Hook is in trouble, again. Help him Smee!

Captain Hook in Trouble with the Croc

Captain Hook in Trouble with the Croc

The final scene is really just a portrait similar to the end of the movie.

Pirate Ship Final Scene

Pirate Ship Final Scene

Alas, it has gotten here much to soon, but it is now time to disembark.

Peter Pan's Flight - Disembark

Peter Pan’s Flight – Disembark

We hope you enjoyed your pictorial tour of Disney World’s Peter Pan’s Flight.

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