Disney World Fantasyland Expansion Update with Additional Details and Video

Another illustration (and a private video) has been released for the 2012 Fantasyland expansion at Walt Disney World Florida. [Should we not be seeing actual photographs of progress by this time???]

Fantasyland Expansion

Fantasyland Expansion

What you see here is that, as previously known, the expansion will result in two Dumbo the Flying Elephant rides. These are the two circular rides to the lower right of the picture. One ride will open in what is now the Toontown area and the second (existing) ride will move to that location after the opening so at least one Dumbo ride will always be available during the transition. The ride will also feature a better, interactive queue. Apparently the new Dumbo ride will fly clockwise which has never been done before [yippee!].

Other released details include a rethemed Barnstormer (upper right of the photo) that will be a spiraling stunt plane built by the Great Goofini [OK that is not a lot different than what is there now]. Another feature that I don’t quite understand is a Casey, Jr attraction [the train from the movie if you don’t remember] getting splashed by various circus animals near the existing train station.

Hopefully some of these details will become clearer as progress continues. For now, here is a video from the scene with the latest progress:

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