Questions and Answers on Toy Story Midway Mania

Note: These questions and answers only apply to the attraction located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando although some may apply to both locations.

Is Toy Story Midway Mania worth a long wait?

This is impossible to answer to make to someone I’ve never met.  However, I can give you my opinion and several points of contention.  For me personally, I would not be willing to wait more than 45-55 minutes for this ride.  However, I usually plan my trips to Walt Disney World (WDW) in the slower seasons and generally refuse to wait 45 minutes for any ride.

How hard is it to get a FastPass?

Even during my visits at relatively low crowd levels, the FastPass for this attraction is in high demand.  Now, I am too cool to be one of these fools that runs through the park to get a FastPass.  However, I will after getting through the park entrance turn-stiles, grab the family passes and walk briskly to the attraction and have found that the time is quickly passing for FastPass distribution.  Yes, let the wife and kids fend for their own breakfast… Go And Get the FastPass Right Away!

What is the ride like?

As always, it is best to watch a video – see it here – of the ride if you really want to know what the ride entails.  I feel that viewing a video of this particular ride does little to spoil the anticipation or attraction of a new ride.  Although, I will say that my first time riding Toy Story Midway Mania, I had no clue of what to expect.  Now, having ridden it several times, I look forward to each event in pursuing a higher goal for myself.  The ride is billed as an interactive 4-D adventure.  Park guests wear 3-D glasses aboard spinning vehicles that travel through virtual environments based on classic carnival midway games. Ride vehicles seat up to four in back-to-back pairs. The attraction features five mini-games after a practice round and your score (similar to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin) is totaled throughout the ride.

Is it suitable for children?

Children may have trouble racking up lots of points, but they will enjoy the ride and participate throughout the attraction.  Very young children may have trouble with the 3-D glasses, but honestly they are not essential to the attraction for a small child.

Is it scary?

There is really nothing at all scary about this attraction, unless you are scared of everything, kind of like Rex from the Toy Story trilogy 🙂

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