Disney Hollywood Studios Hat Removal

1/15/15: Mickey’s Sorcerer’s hat, long a symbol of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, is going away.  Part of the hat has already been removed, see below:

Disney Hollywood Studios Hat

Update 1/19/15: Another block of the hat has been removed:


1/20/15: More work being done.  I wonder where the hat is going, to a landfill or are they repurposing it?


1/27/15: The hat is nearly gone and now they are starting to remove part of the Mickey ears.

Mickey's Hat 12715

Star Tours 2 the Adventure Continues full ride in HD!

Looks like they did a great job on the revamp of this ride; at least it looks and sounds cool and in 3D it is probably even better. The audience definitely enjoyed it.

Star Wars Weekend at Disney Hollywood Studios

I get the impression that this whole extravaganza was built to sell more product, not provide a great attraction to customers. That would be a shame if true.

Questions and Answers on Toy Story Midway Mania

Note: These questions and answers only apply to the attraction located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando although some may apply to both locations.

Is Toy Story Midway Mania worth a long wait?

This is impossible to answer to make to someone I’ve never met.  However, I Continue reading