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Everest_ExpExpedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain is an elaborately themed roller coaster at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in the Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida.

I have a popular video of the ride at my web site and on Youtube, and have had numerous questions about the ride.  I thought I would write an article to answer all these questions and perhaps serve as a nice reference for interested parties.

Is the ride scary?

A difficult question to answer, as one’s level of scared is different from another’s.  That being said, I would say that anyone who has ridden on Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, could handle Expedition Everest.  It is slightly scarier, and certainly faster, than either of those other roller coasters, due to the Yeti and significant theming of the ride.  But one must conquer their fears, and if you handled Space Mountain, for example, you can handle this.

Does it go upside down?

No, Expedition Everest does not go upside down.  It does go backwards at fast speeds and has a significant drop at one portion of the ride.

Where is the ride located?

It is in Orlando, Florida, at the Walt Disney World Resort, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, in the section or continent of “Asia”.

When was I there?

I visited in February 2007 and January 2010.  Both trips experienced some cool weather, actually January 2010 rarely reached above freezing!  It is true, look up the almanac if you must, pack a jacket or check the Weather Channel before visiting in January or February.

Do you get that feeling in your stomach?


Does the ride go fast when going backwards?

The answer to this is pretty much yes.

Does the ride offer FastPass and did you use FastPass?

It does offer FastPass and we used it for both rides, which we waited approximately 90 seconds.  The wait line was often over 60 minutes, but I also understand the queue (waiting area) is quite nice.

How high does it go?

At the top of the ride you are 112 feet up.  This is roughly equivalent to an 11 story building, but I will say that it feels like you are even higher than that.

Does the ride smell?

I recall no strange or bad smells on this ride at all.

Do you head backwards the same way you went up?

No, if you check the video, at one point you can see the track switch using night vision on my camera. Very cool.

I hope these questions and answers will assist you in making plans to ride or not ride Expedition Everest on your next trip to Walt Disney World.

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