Animal Kingdom Construction on Pandora – World of Avatar

Things are progressing at Disney’s Animal Kingdom with the expansion known as Pandora – World of Avatar.

As a big Disney fan, I am always excited at new adventures.  That being said though, I was never hugely excited about Avatar. I saw the movie and it was “OK”.  I never saw how this could be a whole area of the Disney parks.  I mean there are so many other possibilities for the parks, why Avatar? Well, I hope they pull this off and make it special.  I look forward to a future visit to see this and other new attractions in Orlando. 

Right now you can see the bridge to the new land.

Bridge to Avatar Disney World

Here is an overhead shot of what is supposed to be a dining facility. Hard to judge at this point, but it looks huge and not terribly inspiring.  

Pandora Avatar photo

I still love Disney, and I realize this is not 1971 anymore, but I do sure miss those days and the feel of the dining options in Magic Kingdom, that fit so well in the setting such as so many of the Adventureland, Frontierland, and Main Street options that exist. 

Now I will say this photo makes a better impression. It looks pretty darn cool. 

Pandora Avatar Animal Kingdom photo

I am happy to see investment into Animal Kingdom and hope they have some great attractions for guests once this section opens.  I am not as excited as I was about “new Fantasyland” (and I am still trying to figure out how much I like the overall work done there!), but again new experiences brought to us by the Disney family is always something to look forward to! See you there!!! 

Finally if you crave more, here is a short video from Disney that has more information about this new land.

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