Animal Kingdom Construction on Pandora – World of Avatar

Things are progressing at Disney’s Animal Kingdom with the expansion known as Pandora – World of Avatar.

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Top Posts of 2016

Disney 2017

Disney 2017

2016 is almost come and gone.  Celebrities around the world are likely to be just fine with that, as we witnessed an unusual number of high-profile deaths this year.  2017 looks brighter. For me, personally, I have a first ever family trip to Disneyland planned. 

So looking forwarding to 2017, but remember 2016, here are the top posts from our site during the tumultuous and infamous year of 2016.  

5. Pictorial Ride Through Disney’s Peter Pan’s Flight

4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Coaster Video of ride – includes some background information too

3. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith – includes video of the ride

2. A Quick Comparison: Disney’s Polynesian and Grand Floridian Resorts

1. Questions and Answers on Expedition Everest Ride 

Recognizing Carrie Fisher

The above picture was a group brought together to honor the memory of Carrie Fisher, who passed away at too young an age.  She was much more in life than Princess Leia, but what better way to honor her?  The picture below is a tribute to her as well across the coast.  Coast to coast recognition of a great person, actress and star. We will miss you Carrie Fisher, wherever you are. 

A Look At Disney’s Star Wars Themed Lands

According to the Walt Disney Company, the “Star Wars-themed lands will be the largest-ever single-themed land expansions at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.”

This is exciting news for Star Wars fans, Disney fans, and especially fans of both – like me. I was 5 1/2 years old when Star Wars was first released. It was about that time that I also visited Disney World for the first time. Both franchises have pretty much got me hooked.

So, it is with great excitement that I sit here, drinking coffee from my Disney mug, listening to a Star Wars sound track streaming in the background, typing this post and share the picture and link to this make-believe place I one day hope to visit.

You can view a really cool 360 full screen view of the groundbreaking here. I’m not sure if the ships and droids and everything are actually there or if they are superimposed. I am thinking superimposed; still it looks cool.

Here is a screenshot of one part of the screen:

Star Wars at Disney Parks - groundbreaking scene

Star Wars at Disney Parks – groundbreaking scene

Pictorial Ride Through Disney’s Peter Pan’s Flight

One of – if not the most – classic Disney Rides is Peter Pan’s Flight. Be prepared to wait (or sign up for a FastPass), but young and old seem to adore this treasure. I’ll take you through a pictorial tour of the ride.

Here we are approaching the ride entrance:

Peter Pan's Flight Entrance

Peter Pan’s Flight Entrance

A 30 minute wait? Someone arrived early or is just plain lucky.

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Disneyland Peoplemover Blast from the Past

dc2b4c6e17fb19fe40ee51987574870bCheck out this picture of an older Disneyland coloring book.  Look at the Peoplemover!  Interesting that the Astro Orbiters are basically the same although I seem to think they were called something different.

Today, of course the Peoplemover is a little more modern looking.  There is a neat 35th anniversary pin with Mickey and Minnie “meeting” on the Peoplemover, check it out: